Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Mo Chronicles

This post is the beginning of an ongoing series about my healthy obsession/competition with my buzzy StravaMo. As you have previously read, Mo and I - along with some accomplices - do some pretty wacky morning rides to work. Mo also has an equally vicious competitive stream as me. This has led to some fantastic smack talking surrounding the Strava data and our rides.

When we first met in early 2012, Mo was already a Strava pro with a couple thousand miles under his belt. I was new to the site and was just getting the bug. Over 2012, Mo took a sabbatical from work and really wasn't riding as much as he could have been. Come November, my 2012 year to date miles surpassed Mo's all time miles by a couple thousand, and my YTD miles were approaching twice Mo's 2012 totals. I declared Mortal Combat on Mo, challenging him that I would 2x surpass his 2012 numbers. And given that Mo was north of 3,000 miles for the year, this was a pretty serious task for me.

From the challenge on, every 20 mile commute for Mo meant a round trip for me to keep up. Every weekend ride really set me back. My schedule allows more flexibility for me to ride into work. But double in such a short amount if time is tough to keep pace. Ultimately, input in some mega rides between Christmas and New Years to keep it close. But Mo would keep sneaking in his rides to clip my 2x. I ended up with north of 7,100 miles for the year, 4 miles short of double Mo. But the late 2012 challenge has led to a battle and a bet for 2013. More details to come.

Oh, and Mo, you are going down.

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