Wednesday, May 15, 2013

MoMiles - Road to 3,000

With all the excitement of the April 30th marker, the 3,000 mile marker came and went with a boring thump.  Mo and I were within 5 miles of each other on May 13th at about 2,900 miles.  I announced to Mo publicly that I would be riding in and out both Monday and Tuesday, and cross 3,000 miles on Wednesday morning, the 15th on my way into work.

As predicted, Mo did a round trip on Monday, but took the whole day off on Tuesday.  I was a bit anxious all day Tuesday that a big number would pop up for Mo at the end of the day, but nothing showed up.  When I woke on Wednesday, still no Tuesday data from Mo.  So my ride to work on Wednesday was uneventful and I won the title with no competition.

This is a good thing as I really did not want to go hard the week of the 13th.  More on this later …

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Liar's Dice - Confirmation and What's Next

The world is good.  Mo conceded the April title with little fanfare.  My 18 mile effort last night caught everyone by surprise, and it sealed the deal.  Mo was a gentleman in his defeat, and I have been rubbing it in his face all morning none-the-less (I have very low self esteem and I take pleasure in other's failures).

Mo and I both agree that we are excited not to ride home this afternoon and are anxiously anticipating the Ferry commute across the Bay.

God only knows what antics will be in store for the next milestone.  Since we are both at 2600ish miles (I lead by 2 miles if anyone is counting), we are both riding a century this weekend (Mo claims to be doing extra) and we both did north of 800 miles in April, it appears that the next trophy will be the 3,000 mile marker. The only question is when?  Doing a little math in my head, watch for some more fireworks around May 10th.