Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mo Chronicles - Bunny Hopping

The bet with StravaMo has become a fun additive to my cycling.  We can each, on a daily basis, look at each other's stats and see who does what and who leads the bet.  As of Monday last week, I was comfortably 100+ miles up on Mo, and I was enjoying watching him try to catch up.  However, with my little Fender Destroyer incident on Wednesday, I had to take off a few days (two commutes and the FOG ride - probably 100 miles of riding) to recover.  Mo jumped at the opportunity to attack while I was down (Contador/Schleck?!?) and went for a few bonus rides - over 100 miles from Thursday through Sunday - and recorded his biggest week of miles (203 miles) in the last 52 weeks.  Well done, Mo.  ((You are still going to lose)).

Now for the fun part.  I have been meaning to buy a little trophy that Mo or I an keep on our office desk as a symbol of who leads the bet.  I suggested that the trophy needed to be relinquished on demand should the Strava data lead change.  The demand for the trophy could be made at any time, on any day, so long as the leader showed up in person to collect the goods.  So for all of January, that trophy would have been safely on my desk.  But Mo took the lead yesterday with his commute to work.  I took it back this morning as of about 7.30am when I logged in my commute.  If Mo rode to work today, however, he would take back the lead.  This bunny hopping should continue for a short while until either a) one of us is able to get a long ride in or b) one of us takes a little break.  It is for these situations that the trophy would be a  new facet to the bet.

My knees hurt too much for me to take on any big rides, so the window is still open for you, Mo.  Take the opportunity while it exists.  Kick me while I am down.  I won't hold it against you.  And it will only hurt you more, come December, when I am comfortably in the lead.  We can then look back and reminisce about how you tried to take advantage of a paraplegic. 

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  1. my double century commute week was planned well in advance of fenderbender gate. You just opened the flood gates a little wider for tsunaMo to run away with both trophies.