Wednesday, May 15, 2013

MoMiles - Road to 3,000

With all the excitement of the April 30th marker, the 3,000 mile marker came and went with a boring thump.  Mo and I were within 5 miles of each other on May 13th at about 2,900 miles.  I announced to Mo publicly that I would be riding in and out both Monday and Tuesday, and cross 3,000 miles on Wednesday morning, the 15th on my way into work.

As predicted, Mo did a round trip on Monday, but took the whole day off on Tuesday.  I was a bit anxious all day Tuesday that a big number would pop up for Mo at the end of the day, but nothing showed up.  When I woke on Wednesday, still no Tuesday data from Mo.  So my ride to work on Wednesday was uneventful and I won the title with no competition.

This is a good thing as I really did not want to go hard the week of the 13th.  More on this later …

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