Tuesday, August 13, 2013

On the bus

Golden Gate Transit is usually the bain of the commuting community. Those guys take up more than their share of the roads (and bike lanes) and are quick to pass a bike, only to cut back in front to halt at the bus stop.

But sometimes, in the case of fatal bike mechanical issues, Golden Gate is the only way to salvage a commute short of calling home. And today is just one of those days. 

The remnants of my quick release and my view on the Bridge from the front seat of the bus

As noted in a previous post, I have been having trouble with the Surly and the rear wheel pulling out of the front facing horizontal drop out. This morning started innocently, with another slip on San Anselmo Avenue. I obviously need some way to tighten down the quick release more efficiently. 

On the hill up Alexander, I stood up and pulled the wheel out for a second time. Annoyed, I tightened the quick release pin extra tight, so tight that I couldn't get it all the way closed by hand. So I laid the bike down and finished the closing with my foot by standing on the pin. Well ... that may not have been the best idea. After only a single revolution of the cranks, the quick release pin snapped under all the tension. 

Snapped off at the pin

Now I'm truly screwed. No amount of gherry-rigging will be able to properly secure a wheel to the frame. Fatal Mechanical. Luckily, I was only a few hundred yards from the Sausalito Golden Gate Transit by stop. So on board I go. 

Half a bike is better than none at all, I guess. 

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