Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Alpine Dam

As a fat guy, my number one challenge in riding a bike is getting up those damn hills.  You could say that a bigger challenge would be losing 50 pounds - no longer being a fat guy ... but I digress.  The most menacing hill that I conceivably climb is the Bolinas/Fairfax climb to Alpine dam, up to Ridgecrest, over Seven Sisters and then back down into Mill Valley.  Here goes!

Just getting started.  Beautiful morning of about 43 degrees.

Meadow Club Golf Course.  I used to think that this was the top of the hill.  Boy was I wrong.

I'm heading that-a-way.

Ocean fog creeping over the hills.  No wonder these hills are so green.

Alpine Lake

Alpine Dam, built in 1918.  That's a lot of concrete.

Made it up and down the first leg.

Ridgecrest Boulevard.  Top of the next climb.

The Pacific Ocean with Bolinas Lagoon below.

The first of Seven Sisters.

View to the West over Mount Tam.

25 minutes of downhill to Mill Valley or another 30 minutes of climbing.  What do you think I picked?

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