Friday, February 24, 2012

Mr. Popularity

When I talk with people about riding my bike to work, people generally say one of two things, either 1) “Man, that’s awesome.  I would love to do that” or 2) “Really?!?  Logging all those miles, I would think you would be thinner”.  To those that say the latter, I say “Fat and happy, that’s how I roll”.  To those that say the former, I always invite them to join me.  I am pretty flexible about my start times.  Generally anywhere between 5am and 7.30am take-off.  This morning, however, I faced a bit of a conundrum with multiple parties wanting to ride in, all at different times.

Jon, my 100% reliable, current steady wanted to meet at our typical 6.00am spot.  But my buddy, Chris, who never rides, said On Wednesday that he was “committed” for a 7.30am start.  My neighbor, Marek, who is fun to ride with and easy to coordinate because he lives on my block texted me on Monday to say that he was riding Wednesday and Friday this week.  Marek and I meet in his driveway at 6.30am.  So I have three guys, three rides, leaving my house at either 5.50am (Jon)m 6.28am (Marek) or 7.20am (Chris).
On Monday, from Disneyland, I responded to Marek’s text saying that I was ‘out’ for Wednesday but ‘probable’ for Friday.  I texted and Called Chris probably four times on Thursday between 5pm and 8pm trying to confirm our ride for the next morning.  After hearing nothing in response, I sent the usual text to Jon, “6am, Corner”.  Selfishly, I wanted to get to the office early, work a half day, and then ride home.  Jon responded simply, “Yup”.  Easy-peasy.  Nighty night.

Just to be safe, and to avoid any confusion, I checked my cell this morning at about 5.40am before I left the house.  I got to Jon and my corner at 5.57am and knew that he would be there within a few minutes.  At 6.10, I knew something was wrong and I checked my cell.  Lo and behold, Jon had texted at 5.45am that his bike was flat when he got to his garage.  No problem.  Solo mission this morning.  Then, at about 6.32am, I hear my phone beeping a text in my backpack.  I am not the guy that stops to read texts or answer the phone on a ride, so I just kept going.  Then another text a few minutes later.  Then a third and a fourth.  At 6.45am I got to the top of a climb and stopped to see what was going on.

6.32am – Chris – “Sorry, wife had a migraine.  Covering for her.”

Really, Chris?  Wife had a migraine so you could not respond to my texts to confirm the ride?  Sure.  Whatever.  Keep getting fatter.  ((Joking))

6.36am – Amy – “Marek came down at 6.30 this morning looking for you.  He said you guys were supposed to ride together this morning”

Crap.  Did I confirm with Marek?  I double checked my texts from earlier in the week.  Nope.  I did say I was “probable” but I had not talked or texted with him since Monday.  I am in the clear.

6.37am – Marek – “Dude, WTF?”

Guess I need to call Marek when I get to the office.

In high school, I was desperate to be popular.  I always wanted the cool kids to invite me to their birthday parties.  But somehow, I was always too opinionated, too nerdy, too sarcastic.  So I gave up and just embraced my inner a$$hole.  Now, all of a sudden, this bike thing has made me trendy.  Given the above, I think I might rather stay a nerd.

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