Monday, September 24, 2012

The Money Pit

I had a feeling that building up the Moto could end up being a bad idea.  My 'free' frame and 'free' SRAM parts turned into a few bucks to ship the frame and a few bucks to buy cables plus $100 to build up the bike.  Next change order ... I got the call on Saturday that one of the SRAM Force shifters was not working.  At $500 a pair, the shop was 'doing me a favor' by selling me a single shifter for $190.  And, of course, I dropped off all my old parts at the Hippy Bike Co-Op on Friday because Amy wanted me to get my crap out of the garage.  Full retail, baby.

This SRAM Force crap better be sweet because my free upgrade just passed the $300 mark.  Grumble.

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