Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What next?

In January of this year, I created the goal in my mind to ride 5,000 miles for the year.  The number was completely random, but made sense to me as a) high and b) reasonably achievable.  I figured that I could ride 100 miles each week taking into account the rainy season and days that I don't work, adding in a few centuries and such along way.

Long story short, I crossed the 5,000 mile barrier last week, a full four months earlier than expected.  I am not sure whether to readjust the goal or just reassess in December for a more lofty goal for 2013.

Statistics as of this morning are as follows:

Distance 5,128.6mi
Time 354hr 46m
Elev Gain 244,751ft
Rides 292

Doing a little math, I am averaging about 14.5 miles per hour overall, which makes some sense.  6 MPH up hills, 30 MPH down and 15 MPH in the flats.  I can always push faster, but that is a pretty casual pace.  My average ride is about 17.5 miles - the full commute to work is just over 21 miles, but the ferry commute home is shy of 6 miles.  So, again, averaging 13.5 miles per ride per commute day and throwing in a few long rides gets me there.

Much love to my riding partners and the great friends that I have met on the roads in the last few years.  You know who you are, and many of you have graced the text of this blog.  But to name a few - HST Johnny, StravaMo and Bryan, Scotty and all the Schmidt Raiders and The Muy Buenos Dias Crew.

Here's to 7,500 in 2013?!?

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