Saturday, June 1, 2013

MoMiles Challenge - May

Another month and another victory for this FatGuy

Mo Miles
Wheel Destroyer

Avg Rides / Week88
Avg Distance / Week126mi196mi
Avg Time / Week8 hr  33 m13 hr  3 m


Time213 hr  10 m235 hr  9 m
Elev Gain137,267ft157,369ft

I can't really figure Mo out.  He talks a good game, and he backs it up with some crazy stuff.  But then he falls off the wagon and forgets about his bike for a week or two at a time.  In April, we had the Battle Royale that made this bet so much fun.  Mo put down 912 miles in April, more than any month I have ever done.  But then he followed it up with a whimpering - I got a new bike but it doesn't fit right and my knee hurts - 566 mile May.  I am guessing he has 1,000 miles in his target for June.

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