Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Liar's Dice - April Culmination

Mo is a worthy opponent.  To no one's surprise, there were some fun schenanigans to end the Mo Miles April cumulative title.

I opted for the full ride home plus a little sum-sum and posted a 29 mile ride home to Strava this afternoon.  I posted a comment to Mo, "Uploaded 5.21pm: WD - 2,575.5 - Mo 2,572.3.  Your move, Mo" knowing full well that my 3 mile lead was only the beginning of the fun.

Mo responded at 7.01pm by posting the 9 mile ride that he did at 12.12pm.  This was a clear violation of the rules (the rules which are unwritten and being made up as we go along) posting a ride on tally day more than 60 minutes after the ride's completion.  He then almost immediately followed up with another download of a 10 mile ride that he started at 5.48pm (completely rule abiding).  

These two rides gave Mo a formidable lead  of 16 miles - 2,591.5 to 2,575.5 - with only five hours left in the day.  Furthermore, Amy was at work and I had no way to get on the bike as I was on Daddy duty.  

I made the executive decision to make a much-needed appointment to have my car serviced.  And I decided to drop the car at the dealership as soon as Amy got home from work.  I threw my bike in the back of the truck and waited patiently for Amy to return home.

At about 9.15pm, Amy returned home, I slapped her a high five and I ran out the door - lights, fluorescent jersey and iPod in hand.  From the dealership in San Rafael, I headed back home (4 miles), blew by the house and continued to Butterfield Drive.  This is the straightest and flattest route that I could think of - a two mile, one-way road, slightly uphill heading north and equally gentle slopping downward heading south.  Three laps of Butterfield, 4 miles each, and I had my 16 miles in the bag.  Another couple of miles and I was home in about an hour ten of riding and 18 total miles.10.52pm.  Up by 2 miles!!

I anxiously went to the computer to see if Mo had logged any additional miles since our few texts and emails earlier.  Nope. None.  I jumped in the shower and then sat down to my computer.  As I write this post, it is 11.40pm and I have to upload the ride data to Strava within 60 minutes of finishing the ride, 11.52.  I don't want to upload too early, just in case that Mo sees the rides, jumps on his bike, and gets the 2 miles in before midnight.

Wish me luck.  I will report the final results tomorrow.  

Mo, if you outsmart me on this one, you truly deserve the win. 

As of 11.51pm:

Side by Side Comparison

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