Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Liar's Dice - Update

As predicted, Mo turned a 4 mile bike ride getting his kids to school into a 12 mile jaunt around town.  10am update has Mo up by 26 miles for the day.  The ball is in my court.  Do I ride home (21 miles) and lose April?  Nope that would be silly.  Do I ferry home (6 miles), concede April but save my weary legs? That makes some sense - I neglected to mention that the first Century of the year is this weekend.  Do I add a few miles to the commute home to take the 6pm lead?  Maybe.  But if I do that, mo is certain to ride to the grocery store at 8pm to grab a few extra miles.  Let the game playing continue.  Catch up in the morning.

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