Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Liar's Dice

This mileage bet with Mo has taken a life of its own.  It is damn fun to compete with Mo, and even more fun to talk smack about it.  Some of the email chains are hilarious.

From Mo - "I signed up for (Death Ride). Gonna be painful and boring since I know no one who’s doing it. And I’m also going to OR at some point this summer. But I’m going to leave before my family does, and they’ll pick me up about 600 miles north of Sacramento to vacation. And for (Waves to Wine) I plan on riding Saturday only, but starting out with a pre Mt Tam assault before hand.  And if you believe any of those prior statements ...

On top of the 'total mileage for 2013' bet, we have also added a few new wrinkles.  We are also keeping track of who gets to each 1,000 mile marker and who leads on the last day of each month.  These middle markers create a fun 'game-within-the-game' of the jousting for the final days of each month.

For example, at the time of this publishing, the morning of the last day of April, Mo leads me by 13 miles.  Mo and I both know that my normal ride home - 21 miles - will get me the April title should he not ride at all today (Mo works from home and does not commute on Tuesdays).  Of course, there is no chance that I will take the Ferry home tonight, getting only 6 miles, and let Mo win April without a fight.  But knowing that I will take the lead this afternoon by riding all the way home, it is a given that Mo will do something to try to maintain his lead.

For the record, Mo won the January title and 1,000 mile mark (he invented the titles on the fly, without me even knowing that we were competing for these middle marks) and I have since won the February and March cumulative titles and the race to 2,000 miles. 

Again, Mo leads by 13 miles as of this morning.  My ride home is 21 miles.  So Mo will probably drop at least 10 random miles to maintain his April lead.   But maybe I will ride a bit farther than just my normal 21 miles home.  Maybe Mo will ride 15 miles to get himself a buffer, but I may do an extra 10 on my commute home in anticipation of the fact that I know Mo is watching.  Or maybe Mo will not ride at all (conceding the April victory to me unknowingly), but still make me ride home (or a little extra), just to rub it in (not likely).  Or maybe I will concede April without telling Mo (just to f&$k with him), take the Ferry, and hope that Mo does something crazy in anticipation of my doing a big ride home.

Good fun, Mo.

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