Tuesday, June 18, 2013

His legend grows

I was doing my best this morning to hold onto Tuck’s wheel as we rode the rise on Bridgeway past Mollie Stones.  When I finally gave up, I sensed an unfamiliar bike on my wheel and I grimaced as he passed me.  I gave him the typical, “Good Morning” as I grumbled under my breath about getting dropped.  But the guy smiled at me and said, “Hey, Wheel Destroyer?”  “Yup”, I said, not knowing exactly who I was talking to.  “Its me, Bingo.  Nice to finally meet you, Matthew”.

We chatted for a while until, of course, the Golden Gate Market where I dismissed myself, “This is where you and I part”, and Bingo made his merry way up the hill without me.  

I have not yet figured out exactly how he figured out who I am, given my pseudonym on Strava and my name not being posted on the back of my jersey this morning.  But who cares …  Good times.


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