Monday, July 1, 2013

MoMiles Challenge - June

Ho hum ... another month and another victory for this FatGuy.  The Davis Double has done me well, giving me a 230 mile lead over Mo at June's end - 4,002 to 3,771.  Obviously, I also made it to the 4,000 mile market first, as well.

Earlier in the year, I was comfortable maintaining a 100 mile lead as a reasonable cushion.  But a recent 24 hour perios for Mo peaked my attention and caused reason for a bit of concern. Mo did a morning commute, starting at his house in Novato, south to Corte Madera then looping north to Downtown Fairfax, back to Peets, through Golden Gate Park and into work.  While not the most efficient way around, Mo succeeded turning a 37 mile ride into a 61 mile ride.  He backed that up with a 40 mile commute home.  All in all, a Century day of commuting.  He then came out of nowhere to do a maiden voyage to The Bovine in Pt Reyes Station the following morning.  Again, kinda sad to ride in circles just to accumulate miles, and totally pathetic to do so by himself in the dark rather than working or hanging out with buddies ... but also scary to see what this guy is capable of to stay in the bet - an incognito 150 miles in 24 hours.

Its going to be a fun second half of the year ... trying to keep Mo in my  rear view mirror.  My only regret is that, back in February, Mo did beat me to the 1,000 mile marker.  The only blemish on my otherwise sterling record year-to-date. 

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