Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Col de la Bon Aire

There is a great segment just made for the FatGuy behind Bon Aire Shopping Center.  It is a quick 65 foot rise over less than 0.1 mile at an 8% grade.  It is the most annoying part of every commute home from the Larkspur Ferry as it is impossible to get over the steepness sitting down in the saddle.  Every once in a while, however, I am inspired me to hit it hard to try and get the KOM.  Last night, I got 21 seconds which ties by best attempt.  I have four attempts at 21 seconds, one at 22 seconds and seven at 23 seconds - and dozens north of 45 seconds.  The KOM was 19 seconds until a fishy ride showed up last month at 17 seconds (on top of several other top 10s on other segments).  Long story short.  No KOM love yesterday.  I am waiting for the unicorn tailwind to get me sub 20.  Stay tuned.

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