Friday, July 26, 2013

I am a courteous guy

I have noticed that my commute times have been inching slower over the last few months.  Given the lack of rest and my prioritizing miles over speed, my ride which used to be a steady 1 hour 21 minutes has crept into a more standard 1 hour 24 minute pace.  Sure, I can still get sub 1.20 with the Raiders.  But a casual five-day-commute week pace makes me a happier person.

As a result, I seem to be getting passed a little bit more these days.  Generally getting passed doesn’t bother me.  Especially from the matchy matchy backpack-less guys.  But I have taken notice of people that like to ride fast.  And sometimes I jump on their wheel for an easier spin.

This morning, I was riding a respectable 20 miles per hour on the MV bike trail when I got dropped by a chick in a Team Red kit.  She seemed to be working extra hard to get in front of me, so I let her go.  Of course, as they always do, upon getting in front of me, she immediately slowed down and interrupted my pace.  I thought about passing her again, but I could tell that she had it in her keep the pace going.  I eased up and enjoyed her slipstream (and by slipstream, I mean staring at her ass).  I also didn’t want to get in a yo-yp battle with her.  I had to brake on the Mollie Stones downhill to stay in back but her cadence immediately picked up by the time we gotto Poggios.  And, as predicted, she was gone once we hit Golden Gate Market.  When I reached the top of South Street, she had already passed the next hill on Alexander, never to be seen again.

Damn those matchy-matchies …

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