Friday, March 30, 2012

Best ... Morning ... Ever!!!

I woke up extra early to ride with the 'Muy Buenos Dias' crowd, 5.30am at the church on Bolinas at Shady Lane.  The season is changing as it was 58 degrees at 5.30am this morning.  No booties, no beanie, no waffle shirt - just bibs, short sleeve T-shirt and a long sleeve layer.  We weren't setting any record pace this morning.  Just a leisurely spin and the typical stop a Poggio.

Drinks outside on Bridgeway, Sausalito, 6.30am
Since I don't drink coffee (I know, breaking 'The Rules'), I usually just chat through the pit stop and enjoy the company.  This morning, I was pressured to order something, so I went with the hot chocolate.  Little did I know that a hot chocolate from Poggio is basically twenty Hershey's kisses melted into a coffee cup.  Decadence in a mug.

After a 40 minute chill-out-session at Poggio, we jumped back on the bikes and headed towards the Alexander climb.  Feeling a little light on my bike (rare for this fat guy), I realized that I left my backpack at Poggio.  I broke from the pack, doubled back a half mile and grabbed my bag.  Given the typical slow pace of the MBD crowd, I was intent on catching up to them before the GGB parking lot.  I hammered the Bridgeway flats and powered up Alexander in my big ring.  I could not have been more pleased as I passed a guy in head-to-toe StudioVelo gear on the Alexander climb.  It is a rare occasion for me to pass anyone on any climb.  But a double treat to blow the doors off of a SV rider on a $6,000 Pinarello.  Hell yeah!!

The MBD crowd was waiting for me at the GGB parking lot.  We stopped for a minute and regrouped, then went back at it.  To my pleasant surprise, the StudioVelo guy had snuck passed us while we re-grouped in the parking lot.  Of course, this immediately put a target on his back, and I hammered to pass him again on the incline from the parking lot to the North Tower of the Bridge.  All four of us caught him before the Tower.  Double StudioVelo ownage!!!  Today is going to be a good day. 

In closing, still adjusting to the daylight savings time, we were treated to the first Golden Gate Bridge sunrise in recent memory.  Warm and now light?!?  This is the life.

Sunrise as we ride over the GGB.  Not a bad way to start the day.
Not bad for pre-7am.  This morning was so great, I think I will ride home.  Who's joining me?

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