Thursday, March 22, 2012

Change of Pace

Coit Tower, Downtown SF, The Pyramid.  Shot from Aquatic Park Pier.
We stopped this morning on the sea break pier that protects Aquatic Park.  While I ride by this pier every day, I rarely notice it as I pass.  It dawned on me that I had not been on this stretch since the ING Corporate Challenge run in 1998.  I remember that particular run for specific two reasons.  First, that was probably the last time that I ran 10K.  In fact, I probably haven't run 10K cumulatively since then.  Secondly, months after the race, I received a plaque in the mail.  It seems that I came in second place in my age group in the Clydesdale division.  Not knowing what the Clydesdale division was, I looked it up and learned that it was the 200 pound plus club.  So, great, I was the second fastest fat guy in the under 25 category.  I guess my other running mates were either older or much skinnier.  Talk about a back-handed compliment.   

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