Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weather Delays

After a Friday through Sunday vacation with no riding, my legs felt great on the commute to work yesterday.  I pushed pretty hard for a sub-1.20 ride and did the Ferry-thing on the way home.  Last night, with rain predicted for the rest of the week, I committed to ride in the morning regardless.  I slept in, no alarm, and woke ready to go at 6.40am (way late for me).  Looking out the window, it was bombing rain with no end in sight.  I pussed out and opted for a long hot shower and the 7.50am Ferry.  As an extra treat, I even got a hug from Max before I left the house at 7.30am.  The drive to the Ferry, which usually takes 9 minutes, was backed-up with traffic and took 26 minutes and I missed the 7.50am boat.  Rather than struggle through another hour of traffic in the car and pay $30 to park on San Francisco, I decided to park and read in the Ferry parking lot.  The 8.20am Larkspur Ferry arrived at the SF Ferry Terminal at 8.55am and I was at my desk at 9.05am.  Adding insult to injury, the rain had completely stopped by the time I landed in SF.  Doing the math, I could have left home at 6.45am on the bike, arrived at the office at 8.15am (at the latest), showered and shaved and been at my desk by 8.45am - still earlier than the boat got me to work.  Lesson learned - RIDE!

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