Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sunday Spin - Paradise Loop

GGB, facing west from Tiburon Boulevard
Gotta take advantage of the in-laws being in town and Amy having help with the kids.  No reason to sleep in.  Sunday, 7.30am departure from Agatha Court for the Paradise Loop.  I threw in a southbound trip over Camino Alto (finally got below 6 minutes on Strava - 5 minutes 50 seconds), then back north over Horse Hill before heading onto Paradise Drive.  I am not sure of the physics, but no matter which direction I was heading, the headwind was brutal the entire way.  I hammered out the flats just to keep the bike upright, while people flew past me in the other direction with 25+ MPH tailwinds.  Nuts.  The payoff was arriving home at 9.45am, opening the front door and (besides having my kids jump up to greet me) the smell of bacon coming off the George Foreman Grill.  Pretty much the best way to start any day.

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