Friday, April 6, 2012

Best Week Ever

So I kinda used up the 'Best day ever' lines earlier in the week.  But this week would certainly qualify as a top of the chart.  I did the FOG ride on Sunday.  Commuted into work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Had a sh!tty day at work on Wednesday and rode home (with Jon) in a freaking tornado.  That ride set into place a relaxing afternoon on Wednesday including an M&G's double cheeseburger for dinner.  The round trip on Wednesday made for a slow roll to work on Thursday morning.  This morning (Friday) I made a detour with Mo (yes, Strava Mo) from the Golden Gate Bridge - through the Presidio, through Sea Cliff, down to Ocean Beach, through Golden Gate Park, up 7th Avenue to Clarendon and up to the top of Twin Peaks - before heading Downtown to work.  Epic way to start the day and end the work week.
What did you do this morning before 6am?  We had 25 miles behind us.
Pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge never get old.
I am collecting them from every aspect in Town.
This time from the Top of Twin Peaks
7.15am and its time to go to work.  Downtown SF, here we come.

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