Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mission Accomplished - 2012 Personal Record

I'm not much one for New Years Resolutions, but this morning I set a goal before my ride to work.  You see, folks, I am freaking tired.  After 70 miles on Sunday, two commutes to work on Monday and Tuesday, and a round trip yesterday, my legs just ain't worth a damn.  But knowing that today is my last ride of the week (I have to drive to work tomorrow, the horror), I had to get this fat butt ton the bike.  So I committed to myself and set a goal.  For this morning's ride, I would try to commute at the absolute slowest pace of the year.  I know this is a lofty endeavor.  But I felt that I was up to the task.

The ride started out well with my normal spin through Shady Lane.  By the bump at the Left Bank in Downtown Larkspur, I knew my legs just weren't there.  At the base of Camino Alto, I geared down and started whistling a tune.  This would surely keep me from pushing too hard.  According to Strava, my time up Camino Alto was 7 minutes and 53 seconds.  This is quite impressive compared to my record of 5 minutes 50 seconds (I had to work like a mad man to get sub 6 minutes).  I think I over-extended myself a bit on the Mill Valley Bike Trail as I hit 20 miles per hour more than a few times. But I made up for my exertion with a segment from Golden Gate Market in Sausalito to the Bridge of 8 minutes and 34 seconds.  Compare this to my record of 6 minutes 12 seconds which I set only two days ago.

Ominous clouds over Alcatraz and the Bay

My pace this morning rewarded me with a fine gift.  Upon hitting Fort Mason, it started to rain.  As I reached the top of the pitch looking over the piers, I got this --

If I would have been one minute later or earlier, I would have completely missed the rainbow.  The show lasted for all of thirty seconds.  But I happened to hit the top at the perfect moment.

Feeling at peace with my rainbow connection ( I was able to complete the commute in perfect crawling cadence.  The final stats are impressive.  Total commute time, 1 hour 36 minutes and 43 seconds of moving time.  Compare this to my previous record/low of 1:35.46 and an average through 69 commutes year to date of 1:23.11.  In short (or maybe long), I  achieved my goal and feel better for it.  I am ready to get this day going.  Happy riding.

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