Monday, April 30, 2012

Random Musings

A few scattered thoughts that I have been harboring for the last week:

To counter balance my lazy ride on Thursday, I kicked some serious arse this morning on the climbs (at least kicked butt for my over sized arse).  New PRs both up and down Camino Alto. I worked hard for the up part. The down PR is strange because I actually got caught behind a car for the last quarter.  A PR from Golden Gate Market to South and an all-time second place on the full Sausalito to GGB climb.  I passed three guys and one girl this morning on Alexander ... and got passed by a guy.  Strange combo.

The Doyle Drive demo looked super cool this morning.  All the fallen concrete pillars looked like toppled dominos.  I guess the time critical piece was just getting them demolished.  However, it will probably take them another month to get all that concrete and rebar out of there.

This weekend is the Tour de Cure.  First 100 miles on the season - from Yountville to Guerneville and back over the Napa/Sonoma Ridge.  There are mixed reports whether we will be attempting a sub 5 1/2 hour race, or an 8 hour tour.  We shall see. 

Three flats last week ... two front (my first front flats ever) and a rear.  I still have to write about last Tuesday's ride (the first flat day).  Good story.

Monday StravaMo Tracker:  Him - 3,977 miles; Me - 3,213 miles.  I've got you in my sights, Big Boy.   Nice lunch ride to start off the week.

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