Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sometimes these posts just write themselves

Last night, Johnny and I were texting to see whether we would brave the weather for the Friday morning ride:

Jon, 7.31pm:  Whats your plan in the AM?
Me, 7.45pm:  Feeling like a slow roll, 6am at the corner, 3pm boat home.  Could be convinced to abort.
Jon, 7.46pm:  Yeah, you almost had me convinced to rise, but I think it will be really stormy.  Leaning towards ferry in the morning and ride home.
Me, 7.46pm:  #9, #5 (reference to the Rules)
Jon, 7.55pm:  Early ride home will work.  Abort in the am in probably the smart play.

Fast forward to 6.26am Friday morning:

Jon, 6.26am:  I'm sitting on the Ferry.  Blue skies, I can see the moon.  I am such a pu$$y.

I was putting my phone in my backpack as I got Jon's texts.

Me, 6.27am:  Just got on my kit.  You're missing out.
Jon, 6.29am:  Thanks for rubbing it in.  I am such a pu$$y

At 7.36am, I stopped to snap and send the following picture to Jon

Shot looking southwest from Warner's Point  
Jon, 7.40am:  F-U

Seconds after sending that shot to Jon, it started to drizzle.  As I was stuffing my phone back into the backpack, I turned around to find this ...

Rainbow over Conzumel Road and the Headlands
Karma caught up to me for teasing Jon about the perfect morning.  What started as a bluebird morning turned into a massive dump of raindrops the size of gumballs.  I got absolutely soaked to the bone riding from the Bridge to the office ... laughing the entire way.

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