Friday, April 20, 2012

What a difference a week makes

You may recall my commute last Friday where I got slaughtered by rain after texting Johnny - see 4/13 blog post for more details).   For comparison's sake, and not truly intentionally, I took a picture this morning of about the same spot at just about the same time.

4/13/12 - Does this Bridge make my nose look big?
There are a few better shots, most notably without my ugly mug in the previous post.  Summer is here in the Bay Area.  And with the heat comes the fog.
4/20/12 - Fog rolling in.  70+ degees at 7.30am.  It's gonna be a hot one today.
Of course, I have my first metric century of the season this Sunday (if you don't count last weekend's 60 miles).  We are riding and East Bay course which will probably be in the low 90s before we finish the day.  Thank god for that second water bottle and the rest stops - or as my wife would call them - mid-ride Wine and Cheese Parties.

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